Safety first

Online video is great, but public video sharing sites often aren’t suitable for schools, where safeguarding and child protection are more important than ever. Schooleo makes it possible for schools to safely share video content from lessons (and beyond) with the school community.

Gripping learning

When students can revisit moments from lessons, key concepts become a whole lot stickier. Students can analyse their dance performance for homework, revisit that science experiment, or track their progress in a music lesson from week to week – all within a safe environment.

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Interactive features

The more students are able to interact, the deeper the learning. Students are able to vote for their favourite videos, with the top ones being displayed on the front page. They can also comment on videos, in a safe and moderated way, making Schooleo a great tool for peer assessment and AfL.

Quick and easy for teachers

Teachers can upload video from lessons with a few simple clicks. No worrying about file type – Schooleo accepts them all and handles all of the conversion, up to a massive 1GB. Schooleo has been designed from the ground up to be as simple, clean and intuitive as possible – with a carefully curated set of features.

Mobile viewing

Students can watch all videos instantly on their iPhone, Android phone, or iPod Touch, along with other modern smartphones. When the best teaching from your school is in students' pockets, powerful learning can happen anywhere - from the bus, to the bedroom, and beyond.

Your VLE’s video sidekick

Use a VLE? Schooleo will happily sit alongside it, offering powerful video-based learning that's quick, safe and easy. We've also got some features up our sleeves that'll make them the best of friends. Don't use one? Schooleo's just as happy to fly solo.

Fully online – no technical fuss

Schooleo lives completely online - meaning no expensive boxes in your server room, and no technical headaches. This leaves schools to focus on what's most important - the learning.

Growing feature list

We've got lots of exciting features on the horizon - but they only make the cut if they impact on learning, and are as easy to use as the rest of Schooleo.


Schooleo was founded by James Cross, a secondary school teacher who loved using digital video in the classroom - but found that there was no quick and easy way of safely sharing it with the school community.

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Schooleo have nailed it, in so many ways!

Jason Butcher, Egerton High School, Trafford